Black only dating site racist

I know the topic of race is a sensitive and there are a lot of problems regarding racism in the world today. A part from the pages worth of questionnaires dating sites require, there are already sites out there that are geared towards satisfying exclusive needs.

There is if you who want to date specifically Jewish people.

When you are dating someone you hope to spend the rest of your life with, you want to be attracted to that person. Obviously white only groups haven’t had stellar reputations in the past (for good reasons), but this site is a non-issue.

Some people like brunettes, some people like blondes; some people like tall people, some like them short; some people like them fat, some like them skinny; some like them black, some like them white. People liking certain skin tones has always been a thing.

The League caters to a crop of Ivy League graduates and high-earning young professionals.

Grindr is a popular option for gay men; Her bills itself as a dating app for lesbians built by lesbians.

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Some generic dating sites put some people in a position to go on date after date with loser after loser until they found the right person. Make the requirements and field of view so specific that now you’re picking from a much smaller pool of people that are guaranteed to have at least a few similar interests as you.

There are broad categories like Teen, Lesbian, Gay, MILF, BDSM, Cartoon; and other categories that get ridiculously specific like feet, left-handed hand job, aquatic animal, and even (I’m not making this up) depressed clown.

People are willing to go to into such specific detail when finding these videos to watch, and that’s only a 30-45 second commitment.

The answer, according to the website’s “About Us” page, is “why not?

” But despite criticisms that the website is inherently racist, Sam Russell, the 53-year-old Utah man who founded the website with his wife Tami, told the Washington Post that the site is not racially motivated in any way.

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